Deborah Rodriguez Collection 4 Books Set (The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul, Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul, Island on the Edge of the World, The Zanzibar Wife)

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ISBN: 9789124098360
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Deborah Rodriquez

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Titles In this Set:
The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul
Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul
Island on the Edge of the World
Island on the Edge of the World

The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul:
In a little coffee shop in one of the most dangerous places on earth, five very different women come together. SUNNY, the proud proprietor, who needs an ingenious plan - and fast - to keep her café and customers safe. YAZMINA, a young pregnant woman stolen from her remote village and now abandoned on Kabul's violent streets.

Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul:
Six women forever joined by a little cafe in Kabul. Sunny, former proprietor of the Little Coffee Shop and new owner of the Screaming Peacock vineyard. Can she handle the challenges of life on her own? Yasmina, the young mother who now runs the cafe, until a terrifying event strikes at the heart of her family and business...

Island on the Edge of the World:
Charlie, the rootless daughter of American missionaries, now working as a hairdresser in Northern California. But the repercussions of a traumatic childhood far from home have left her struggling for her way in life.Bea, Charlie's eccentric grandmother, who is convinced a reunion with her estranged mother will help Charlie heal.

The Zanzibar Wife:
Oman. The ancient land of frankincense, wind-swept deserts, craggy mountaintops and turquoise seas. Into this magical nation come three remarkable women, each facing a crossroad in her life.Rachel, an American war photographer, who is struggling to shed the trauma of her career. Now she is headed to Oman to cover quite a different story - for a glossy travel magazine.

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