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Take Along Early Learning Carry Pack 10 Board Books Set Collection

Titles In This Set:
Early Learning Counting
Early Learning Vehicles
Early Learning Forest
Early Learning Space
Early Learning Safari
Early Learning Pets
Early Learning Colours
Early Learning Baby Animals
Early Learning Opposites
Early Learning Dinosaurs

These sweet and colourful series of small board books are perfect for introducing little ones to their first words on several everyday topics. They come conveniently packed in a portable carry-handle bag for children to take along with them wherever they go. Children will soon be able to repeat first words and understand word association on a range of topics.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Series 3 Books Set Collection Sarah Brennan

Path of Night
It's not easy being half-mortal, half-witch. At least, not for Sabrina Spellman. She just discovered that her dad is Satan and that it's her destiny to rule Hell. As usual, Sabrina's got other plans for her future. She's figured out a way to trap her father but he's caged in the body of her boyfriend, Nick Scratch. Now the love of her life is stuck in Hell with Satan stuck inside him. Sabrina knows there's a way to get Nick back while also keeping dear old dad out of commission. She just has to figure out what it is.
Daughter of Chaos
Sabrina Spellman has just made the hardest decision of her life: she's leaving behind her beloved friends at Baxter High. Now it's time to follow the path of night and find her way among the witches and warlocks at the Academy of Unseen Arts. Sabrina has always been good at the school thing, but now she has a whole new world to navigate. Her power is growing daily, but it comes with a high price. She must always remember her new allegiances and the cost they have on her friends ... and on herself.
Season of the Witch
It's the summer before her sixteenth birthday, and Sabrina Spellman knows her world is about to change. She's always studied magic and spells with her aunts, Hilda and Zelda. But she's also lived a normal mortal life - attending Baxter High, hanging out with her friends Susie and Roz, and going to the movies with her boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle. Now time is running out on her every day, normal world, and leaving behind Roz and Susie and Harvey is a lot harder than she thought it would be.

Monster High Ghouls Rule 3 Books Collection Box Set Pack (Ghoulfriends Forever)

Titles in This Set

Ghoulfriends Forever
Ghoulfriends Just Want To Have Fun
Who's That Ghoulfriend?


Ghoulfriends Forever
"Ghoulfriends Forever" is a brand-new Monster High series, introducing three new monster characters. As new students, the trio must navigate the bewildering array of cute monster boys, established cliques, and monster-rific subjects like Mad Science, G-ogre-phy, and Physical Deaducation. As if that weren't hard enough, something strange and sinister seems to be happening at the school. Popular girls like Frankie Stein and Cleo de Nile are acting weird-and all signs point to everyone's new favorite teacher, Miss Sylphia Flapper. Can the new GFFs expose the fave as a fraud, or will they succumb to peer pressure?.

Monster High: Ghoulfriends Just Want to Have Fun
GFFs Rochelle, Robecca, and Venus begin to settle in at Monster High and are having a fangtastic time getting involved in the student body. Rochelle is tutoring the trolls, Robecca is blasting onto the Skulltimate Roller Maze team, and Venus is starting a compost pile with Lagoona Blue! The ghoulfriends are even recruited to help Toralei and Cleo plan the Hex Factor Talent Show.
But during Mr. Mummy's Catacombing class, the ghouls find hints of a new threat to the school. And when white cats start showing up around the Creepateria-a bad omen for monsters!-the GFFs begin to wonder if their fun is over. Is Toralei playing pranks? Or is something more sinister haunting the halls of Monster High?

Monster High: Who's That Ghoulfriend
The three ghoulfriends - Robecca Steam, Venus McFlytrap, and RochelleGoyle - are on the case to solve the mystery of the missing headmistress! First up is investigating the creeperiffic attic on the Monster High campus, where someone appears to have been hiding out amongst the lacy webs. Who is she, and what's her secret? The ghoulfriends soon find out and uncover a much bigger plot that puts the future of the entire student body in danger

Miles Kelly Learn To Write Wipe Clean Activity 10 book set


Learn to write helps to develop pen control in a fun and simple way. Tracing, matching and drawing encourage children to write letters, numbers and words, as well as expanding their vocabulary. Once completed, the pages can be wiped clean, ready to use again!
writing isn’t the only thing this book series teaches. As kids trace dotted letters across the plastic pages—which wipe clean for repeated use—they also learn about trains, dinosaurs, and an array of animals. Fun activities and colorful pictures keep them interested as they work on their handwriting and forgery of John Hancock’s signature.Teaches kids handwriting skills Comes with erasable marker, but compatible with any whiteboard marker Wipe-clean pages for repeated use Includes fun activities Dotted letters for tracing For ages 3–6 Soft cover 120 pages.

10 Animal Picture Flat Books Collection Inc Frog On The Log, Mr Wrinkles

Titles in this set:
Mr Wrinkles
Frog On The Log
Hen's Feather 
Stop Monkeying Around  
Titch the Tiddler 
Pig's Egg
The Goat That Gloats
Little Bear Won't Sleep
Animal Fashion Parade 
The Penguin King 

Mr Wrinkles
Mr. Wrinkles loves going for long walks, so when he gets stuck in a hole one day, he doesn't know what to do. But when all his friends come to his rescue Mr. Wrinkles learns the importance of working together as a team.

Frog On The Log
Frog loves his log, so when a storm washes away his home, he tries everythimg to hang on as he drifts downstream. But when Frog has to abandon his log, he finds another.... or so it seems.

Hen's Feather 

Hilda was the most popular hen in the coop, until the day Chantelle arrived!

Stop Monkeying Around 
Little Monkey was rarely quiet. He loved to play games, even though the other animals did not always want to join in. if only he could find some one to play with.

Titch the Tiddler 

Titch is the smallest fish in the reef. The big, bold fish wont play wit him. they just laugh at him. Titch tries to join in the fun but things go from bad to worse as Titch tries to become just like the bigger fish. then one day the sea goes dark and events take a turn for the worse. 

Pig's Egg 

Pig loved the farm farm yard but some times he couldn't help feeling left out. Until one Day, he laid an egg. 

The Goat That Gloats
Goat loves to gloat. He gloats about his wonderful tower, his magnificent throne, his fabulous boat and his bubble bath moat. But what goat would really like to share with a friend.... if only he could find someone.

Little Bear wont Sleep 

Little Bear wants to stay up ALL night. so Little Bear wand his mother go in to the forest to see who else is awake. he meets an owl a fox and makes a lot of new friends, but staying up all night is not quiet as much fun as he though it would be....

Animal Fashion Parade 

what an exciting night! All the animals gather for a fashion parade, with hilarious results. A delightful rhyming text with bold and quirky illustrations, that will appeal to both children and adults alike. A final hunt for all the animals clothing provides an extra twist to this fun story which is perfect for reading aloud. 

The Penguin King 

Peter Penguin is small, and nobody listens to him. He has a plan, which soon makes everyone listen and he realizes it's not so bad being small.

Secret Kingdom Series 2 and 3 Collection Rosie Banks 12 Books Box Set

Titles in This Set:

Midnight maze
Fairy tales Forest
Dream Dale
Lily Pad Lake
Sugar sweet Bakery
Bubble Volcano
Wildflower Wood
Swan Palace
Snow Bear Sanctuary
Phoenix Festival
Fancy Dress Party
Jewel Cavern