Welcome to Lowplex Books, a place where books are alive, and reading is a NEW WAY OF LIFE!

We started serving the readers by selling educational books back in 2004 with a mission to make lives more meaningful with books.


Later on, we couldn't just stop at the educational stuff. We wanted to incorporate more stories and keep the many legendary characters alive.

We grew our business, expanded our range, and became YOUR go-to resource for uncovering new stories, characters, and experiences to feed the mind and nourish the soul.

Now we are catering ALL your book needs under one roof!

Today we are one of the independent and BIGGEST bookstores with a HUGE online store all over the UK, where all your favorite story tales and books are picked and packed with love and care.

We specialize in children's books, bestselling author book sets, affordable and quality collection series.

Lowplex Books provides their customers with brand new book set collections, gift sets, activity books, cookbooks, and so much more...

(Did you think we'd just stop there?)

We have an irresistible range of books to fill your "to-be-read" list for a LONGER time.

An extravagant range of CLASSICS to help you connect with the authors and the historical characters

Children's books to keep the kiddos hooked in the thrill of reading that can LAST FOR A LIFETIME

Cookbooks filled with YUMMY recipes

Audio books to RELISH your ears on the lazy days (when you want someone else to read you a book)

Fiction and Non-fiction to address the reader of BOTH TASTES 

Books to IGNITE imagination and INSPIRE people


...and A LOT MORE.

Books Are Cool, So Is Our Bookstore!

At Lowplex Books, every book is someone's favorite. Our prices are as mind-blowing as our book range. Guess what?

We have always got OFFERS on.


SAVINGS up to a whopping 80% off RRP.

We take pride in our friendly customer services and leave no stone unturned to deal with you in the best possible way.

So that when you rely on Lowplex Books, you feel confident about making the right decisions of buying your "to-be-reads" with us.

Come at Lowplex Books, pick a book, and let the adventure begin….

Don't have enough time to experience the ambience of our bookstore? We got you covered! Place your order online. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the day. You'll soon get the book you were eager to read. We always deliver your books on time and in excellent condition.

So, with which book would you snuggle up this fall?

Your Bookstagram is waiting for some amazing book clicks and reviews…


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