National Read A Book Day

Calling out to all the book lovers out there! 

This day is dedicated to all those who love to indulge in their absolute favourite thing to do, guilt free. September 6th. 

Books are something that can brighten up your whole world, they bring new worlds to life and enlighten us. They challenge our perspectives on the human experience in ways unmatched by any other media. Instead of damaging our brain cells, its actually helping them. 

In a time glued to technology, National Read A Book Day really does encourage everyone to silence the noise and turn the pages just for a little while.

A whopping 75% of the UK population of adults say they have read and finished a book in the past year. 

For many people, reading is a form of relaxation and fun, but, for others it feels like a chore. No matter how you feel about books, we at Lowplex encourage you to embrace National Read a Book Day. We can help you find the right book. 

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Are you a book lover? Comment yes or no!

With love, from the Lowplex Books family.


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