Homeschooling with your children!

With Boris Johnson ordering schools to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lowplex Books aims to help support parents and teachers by sharing the most helpful and fun learning material for parents/teachers to use, designed by publishers across the UK. 

Check out the Activity books section and the Education section. Why not check out the Fiction section and start your own home library? You'll be amazed at the massive range we have for all ages! 

Build your child's imagination from the Collection section, they'll be coming up with stories even you've never dreamed of!

At Lowplex Books, we strongly believe in the importance of reading and learning beyond the classroom and we seek to support for parents and tutors alike.

Whilst the Corona-virus might spread fear and isolation, it’s a perfect time to get stuck into learning and provide a strong and supportive community to bring society forward.

With love, from the Lowplex Books family.

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