100 History Series 4 Books Collection Set, 100 People Who Made History, 100 Events, 100 Inventions, 100 Women

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Titles In this Set:
100 People Who Made History
100 Events That Made History
100 Inventions That Made History
100 Women Who Made History

100 People Who Made History
Get ready to rub shoulders with the stars. It is time to meet the most amazing people who have ever lived. Great thinkers, revolutionary leaders, daring explorers, powerhouse politicians, clever inventors, skilled artists, sporting legends, and music icons have all changed the course of history and left their mark on the world. This exciting reference book for children shares their personal stories and showcases their achievements as never before Part of DK is best-selling top 100 series, 100 People Who Made History is a who's who of the great and the good, across nations far and wide.

100 Events That Made History
From the start of the Silk Road to the Space Race, and from prehistoric people to September 11, this history book for children book has it all. Strap yourself in for a historical rollercoaster ride as 100 Events That Made History brings the major moments of the past to life in an unforgettable way. Get the inside track on some of the biggest events that changed our world, such as the Reformation, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Mongol invasions, the ancient Olympic games, and the Black Death. Find out how the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand led to World War 1, and how Hitler stoked the fires that ushered in World War 2. Covered also in this history book for kids aged 8-13 are the times the greatest minds and talents known to humankind shared their work and ideas.

100 Inventions That Made History
Get the inside story on the world is most incredible inventions that made history and transformed the way we live today. This fun-packed reference title for children charts the brilliant breakthroughs of great geniuses from ancient times through centuries of technological progress to today's modern era. Part of the best-selling top 100 series, 100 Inventions That Made History comes full of inventions and ideas, from aeroplanes, batteries, and chocolate, to video games, wheels, and X-rays - and not forgetting the little gadgets and gizmos we couldn't live without! 

100 Women Who Made History
Celebrating the fantastic females who changed history, this reference book for children tells the intriguing life-stories of Joan of Arc, the Suffragettes, Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Malala Yousafzai, and more. Super scientists such as Marie Curie, clued-up creatives like Emily Dickinson, sporty successes such as Serena Williams, and political pioneers like Angela Merkel all feature in 100 Women Who Made History. You'll discover how Ada Lovelace became the first computer programmer and how brave Harriet Tubman helped enslaved people escape to freedom.

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