A Bear Family Book Collection 3 Books Set By Jill Murphy (Whatever Next!, Peace At Last, Just One Of Those Days)

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The "A Bear Family Book Collection 3 Books Set" by Jill Murphy is a heart warming series of children's books that centre around the adventures and everyday experiences of a bear family. This delightful collection includes the following three titles:

Titles in this Set

Whatever Next!,
Peace At Last,
Just One Of Those Days


  1. "Whatever Next!": In this charming story, Baby Bear decides to embark on an imaginative journey to the moon. Using household items like a cardboard box and a colander for a helmet, Baby Bear's adventure takes readers on a whimsical trip to outer space. It's a tale of creativity and the boundless possibilities of a child's imagination.

  2. "Peace At Last": This endearing book follows Mr. Bear's quest for a peaceful night's sleep. From a creaky floor to a dripping tap, Mr. Bear encounters a series of obstacles that keep him awake. Young readers will relate to the familiar bedtime struggle and enjoy the humorous situations Mr. Bear finds himself in as he searches for a quiet place to rest.

  3. "Just One Of Those Days": In this relatable story, Mrs. Bear experiences a day filled with mishaps and frustrations. From a jammed door to a lost handbag, readers follow Mrs. Bear as she navigates the challenges of an ordinary, albeit trying, day. The book beautifully captures the ups and downs of daily life and the resilience of Mrs. Bear in the face of adversity.

Jill Murphy's "A Bear Family Book Collection" is known for its charming illustrations and relatable storytelling, making it an ideal choice for young readers and parents looking to share heartwarming tales of family life and everyday adventures. These books offer valuable life lessons, humor, and the comfort of familiar family experiences, making them beloved classics in the world of children's literature.


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