A Curious Collection of Questions and Answers 8 Books Collection Set Plus Poster

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Titles in the Set:
The Solar System
Saving the Earth
Our Planet
Our Oceans
My Body

Curious Questions & Answers About Science
For some, science can be a difficult subject to get interested in. However, with the help of this stimulating volume, readers will realize how fun and interesting science can be.

Curious Questions & Answers About The Solar System
This fresh approach to the perennially popular Q & A format takes a sideways look at all that is wild, wonderful and downright weird about the solar system.

Curious Questions & Answers About Saving the Earth
This quirkily illustrated twist on the popular Q & A format takes a sideways look at the plight facing our beautiful planet and explains how kids can come to the rescue.

Curious Questions & Answers About Dinosaurs
Find out which dinosaurs grew feathers, why T rex had such small arms, and if dinosaurs are still alive today.

Curious Questions & Answers About My Body
Find out why cells are so special, how blood circulates, and what happens inside your intestines.

Curious Questions & Answers About Animals
The world is home to millions of species of animals. All that variety can lead to many questions.

Curious Questions & Answers About Our Planet
Earth is full of countless wonders. This high-interest volume takes a fun approach to answering some of the many questions that young creative thinkers have about our planet.

Curious Questions & Answers About Our Oceans
This humorous twist on the perennially popular Q & A format takes a sideways look at all that is super and strange about life in the oceans.

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