A Degree in a Book: Psychology: Everything You Need to Know to Master the Subject - in One Book By Dr Alan Porter

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A perfect introduction for students and laypeople alike, this book provides you with the key information you would find in a psychology degree course in an easily digestible format.

Filled with flow charts, infographics, suggestions for further reading and features on the history of psychology, this book makes understanding the human mind easier than ever. Including the theories of Francis Galton, Sigmund Freud, Ivan Pavlov, and many more, it covers the whole range of psychological research.

By the time you finish reading this book, you will be able to answer questions such as:
• How do we learn?
• Do groups make better decisions than individuals?
• How do we study the living brain?
• What are the components of personality?

ABOUT THE SERIES: Get the knowledge of a degree for the price of a book with Arcturus Publishing's A Degree in a Book series. Written by experts in their fields, these highly visual guides feature flow charts, infographics, handy timelines, information boxes, feature spreads and margin annotations, allowing readers to get to grips with complex subjects in no time.

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