A Girl Called Justice 3 Books Set by Elly Griffiths

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Hachette Publishing SKU: LWP10435
ISBN: 9787293109122
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Elly Griffiths

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Titles In this Set
A Girl Called Justice Book 1
A Girl Called Justice Book 2 (Smugglers Secret)
A Girl Called Justice Book 3 (Ghost In The Garden)

A Girl Called Justice Book 1
When Justice's mother dies, her father packs her off to High bury House Boarding School for the Daughters of Gentlefolk. He's a barrister - specializing in murder trials - and he's just too busy to look after her alone.

Having previously been home-schooled, the transition is a shock. Can it really be the case that blondes rule the corridors? Are all uniforms such a charming shade of brown? And do schools normally hide dangerous secrets about the murder of a chamber maid?

A Girl Called Justice Book 2 (Smugglers Secret)
When Justice returns for spring term at High bury House, it's not long before murder is back on her mind. Assigned to look after the elderly Mr Arthur in Smugglers' Lodge on the other side of the marshes from school, Justice is initially dismayed. But dismay quickly gives way to intrigue as she finds herself drawn to Mr Arthur and his stories of piloting in the First World War - and especially when Dorothy, who lives nearby, tells her that the lodge is haunted.

A Girl Called Justice Book 3 (Ghost In The Garden)
Justice and her friends are third years now and there's an intriguing new girl in Barnowls. Letitia has never been to school before and doesn't care for the rules - and the teachers don't seem to mind! She decides that Justice is her particular friend, much to Stella and Dorothy's distress. But Letitia just isn't the kind of girl you say no to.

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