A Graphic Guide Introducing 32 Books Collection set (Series 1 to 4)

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ISBN: 9788729300922
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Various Authors

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Titles In This Set:
Introducing Semiotics
Introducing Artificial Intelligence
Introducing Chomsky
Introducing Ethics
Introducing Evolutionary Psychology
Introducing Foucault
Introducing Media Studies
Introducing Particle Physics
Introducing Descartes
Introducing Fractals
Introducing Hinduism
Introducing Islam
Introducing Mathematics
Introducing Romanticism
Introducing Shakespeare
Introducing Time
Introducing Economics
Introducing Lacan
Introducing Political Philosophy
Introducing Jung
Introducing Freud
Introducing Psychology
Introducing Post Modernism
Introducing Logic
Introducing Critical Theory
Introducing Philosophy
Introducing Marxism
Introducing Capitalism
Introducing Quantum Theory
Introducing Chaos
Introducing Nietzsche
Introducing Psychoanalysis

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