Adventure Gamebooks Series 3 Books Collection Set By Simon Tudhope (Shadow Chaser, League of Thieves, Curse Breaker)

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The Adventure Gamebooks Series 3 Books Collection Set, comprised of "Shadow Chaser," "League of Thieves," and "Curse Breaker," offers an enthralling journey into the world of interactive storytelling and daring escapades.

Titles in this Set

Shadow Chaser,
League of Thieves,
Curse Breaker


In "Shadow Chaser," readers find themselves thrust into a shadowy realm filled with secrets and danger. As the protagonist, you must make critical choices that will determine your path through a labyrinth of intrigue, espionage, and dark magic. Whether you're tracking down elusive foes or navigating a web of political intrigue, every decision you make will shape the outcome of your thrilling adventure.

"League of Thieves" whisks readers into a bustling city teeming with cunning criminals and devious plots. As a budding thief, you must hone your skills and make choices that will determine your rise within the underground world of thieves' guilds. Uncover hidden treasures, forge alliances, and outwit rival criminals in a tale of cunning and strategy.

In "Curse Breaker," a world filled with ancient curses and mystic artifacts awaits. You are tasked with uncovering the secrets of a cursed relic and breaking the malevolent enchantment that plagues a forgotten land. Your choices will lead you through perilous encounters, intricate puzzles, and encounters with supernatural forces, all while determining the fate of those around you.

The Adventure Gamebooks Series 3 Books Collection Set combines immersive storytelling with interactive decision-making, allowing readers to become the heroes of their own adventures. Whether you prefer the intrigue of shadows, the thrill of thievery, or the challenge of breaking curses, this collection promises a gripping and dynamic reading experience filled with twists, turns, and the excitement of shaping your own destiny.

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