Alex Scarrow Plague Collection 2 Books Set (Plague World, Plague Nation)

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Macmillan SKU: LWP9833
ISBN: 9789526541716
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Alex Scarrow

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Titles in this Set

Plague World (REMADE)

Plague Nation (REMADE)



Plague World (REMADE)

It has a plan . . . Leon is stuck in England. Grace is on her way to New Zealand and Freya to the 'New United States' in Cuba. The virus has assimilated all of humanity except for these three communities and now it is prepared to talk with them. How they each choose to respond to the virus, will ultimately decide their fate in Plague World, the apocalyptic finale to the Remade trilogy from bestselling author of the TimeRiders series, Alex Scarrow.


Plague Nation (REMADE)

Survival was just the start of it . . . Eighteen months have passed since the events of Plague Land. Leon and Freya have seen no sign of the virus, clinging on to the hope that two hard winters just may have killed it off. When news of a rescue ship arriving off the coast comes in, the pair are on the move once again. But all is not as safe as it seems. The virus has been busy, it has learned and evolved. And now, it is reborn. Plague Nation is the explosive second book in the Remade trilogy, by the bestselling author of the TimeRiders series, Alex Scarrow. Continue the horror-thriller series with Plague World. This book was previously published in paperback as Reborn.

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