An Usborne Flap Book, See inside 3 book set collection - Food, Weather and Sea

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Usborne Publishing SKU: LWP4206
ISBN: 9789526530956
FORMAT: Hardback
AUTHOR: Katie Daynes

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See inside Where food comes from
What makes the blue in blue cheese? Which nuts grow underground? Why are some things grown in greenhouses? What things do we eat most of in the world? Lift the flaps to find out more about the food you eat and where it comes from.

See under the sea
Explore the world beneath the sea, from coral reefs teeming with jewel-bright fish to the icy waters of the Arctic. Lift the flaps to peer inside shipwrecks and gaze into the dizzying depths of dark trenches at the very bottom of the ocean.

See Inside weather and climate
This fascinating book tours the land, sea and skies to discover where weather comes from. Peer into a thundercloud, follow the path of a hurricane, visit the coldest place on Earth... and find out what the weather might be like tomorrow.

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