Anna Jacobs Collection 4 Books Set (Changing Lara, Finding Cassie, A Daughter's Journey, An Independent

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ISBN: 9789124098506
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Anna Jacobs

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Titles in this Set:
Changing Lara
Finding Cassie
A Daughter's Journey
An Independent 

Changing Lara:
A brand new series from the much-loved author of the Peppercorn Street series: 1 (Penny Lake)
Lara Perryman has spent her whole life travelling for her busy corporate job, so it's a relief when she takes early retirement and settles in a leisure village in Wiltshire.

Finding Cassie:
A touching story of family (Penny Lake): 2
After a terrifying brush with death, feisty TV personality Cassandra Benn decides to embrace the quiet life. Yet on the eve of her departure to the idyllic Penny Lake leisure village, fifteen-year old Evie arrives on her doorstep

A Daughter's Journey:
Birch End Series Book 1
Jo also finds herself drawn to Nick, a handsome newcomer to the village. Nick had planned to settle in Birch End and start a business, but as he grows closer to Jo, he realises he may have to choose between his dreams and a chance at love.

An Independent Woman
Meanwhile, Marcus Graye's life has also been changed by the War. His injuries may heal, but his elderly aunt and a crumbling old house are now in his sole care. When he saves Serena from a kidnapping, his life will take an unexpected turn, one that may bring him love but will put his life in danger.

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