Ant Middleton Collection 3 Books Set (Zero Negativity, The Fear Bubble, First Man In Leading from the Front)

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Harpercollins SKU: LWP11120
ISBN: 9780007990795
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Ant Middleton

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Titles in this Set:
Zero Negativity:
The Fear Bubble:
First Man In Leading from the Front:

Zero Negativity:
There are times when life feels like it has you cornered: financial difficulties, relationship issues, work problems, all of the above. Every one of us, at one time or another, will have to face up to the challenges that come our way. And there are two ways of meeting them: negatively, where blame is the answer, where other people are at fault, where you haven’t been treated fairly.

The Fear Bubble:
Ant Middleton is no stranger to fear: as a point man in the Special Forces, he confronted fear on a daily basis, never knowing what lay behind the next corner, or the next closed door. In prison, he was thrust into the unknown, cut off from friends and family, isolated with thoughts of failure and dread for his future.

First Man In Leading from the Front:
Special forces training is no walk in the park. The rules are strict and they make sure you learn the hard way, pushing you beyond the limits of what is physically possible. There is no mercy. Even when you are bleeding and broken, to admit defeat is failure.

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