Astrid Lindgren Collection 8 Books Set (Pippi Longstocking, Goes Aboard, In the South Seas, Emil and the Sneaky Rat, Emil's Clever Pig, Emil and the Great Escape, Lotta Says 'No!', Lotta Makes a Mess)

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OUP Oxford ltd SKU: LWP12510
ISBN: 9789124296742
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Astrid Lindgren

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Embark on a timeless journey with the "Astrid Lindgren Collection 8-Book Set." This enchanting collection brings to life the imaginative worlds crafted by the beloved Swedish author, Astrid Lindgren. From the spirited adventures of Pippi Longstocking to the mischievous escapades of Emil and the endearing tales of Lotta, this collection captivates readers with its charm, wit, and heartwarming stories that have become cherished classics for generations.

Titles In This Set:
Pippi Longstocking
Goes Aboard
In the South Seas
Emil and the Sneaky Rat
Emil's Clever Pig
Emil and the Great Escape
Lotta Says 'No!'
Lotta Makes a Mess


Pippi Longstocking

Loved by millions of children around the world Pippi Longstocking is one of the most popular children's characters of all time. This new edition of the classic story by Astrid Lindgren.

Pippi Longstocking Goes Aboard
In Pippi Goes Aboard, Pippi Longstocking is back and as crazy and as funny as ever! But for Tommy and Annika, the fun might stop all too soon if Pippi agrees to go back to sea with her father.

Pippi Longstocking in the South Seas
This story sees Pippi, Tommy and Annika go on their greatest adventure yet - to Koratuttutt Island, where Pippi's father is king.

Emil and the Sneaky Rat
There's a rat running amok in Emil's house, and he's determined to capture it. But hiding the rat trap just under his father's bed probably isn't ideal . . .

Emil's Clever Pig
Whether he's teaching his pet pig to dance, being chased by a mad cow or wrestling a robber, Emil's adventures never stop. Hens, dogs, little sisters - and adults - all flee his path.

Emil and the Great Escape
Emil doesn't mean to be bad, it's just that trouble - and fun - follow him wherever he goes. In this collection of stories Emil is up to his hilarious best and no-one is safe!

Lotta Says 'No!'
A collection of fun, engaging and gently humorous stories about Lotta, the little sister who can find trouble anywhere. Join in the fun as she and her young siblings get into all sorts of scrapes-from falling out of their neighbour's windows and running away on a train.

Lotta Makes a Mess
Lotta is the little sister who can find trouble anywhere. She and her young siblings get into all sorts of scrapes.

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