Beano Dennis & Gnasher Series Collection 6 Books Set By I.P Daley (Battle for Bash Street School, The Abominable Snowmenace, Attack of the Evil Veg & More!)

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Beano Dennis & Gnasher Series Collection provides an exciting, action-packed experience with 6 books in the set offers hours of entertainment. A perfect choice for children looking for adventure!

Titles In This Set:

Battle for Bash Street School
The Abominable Snowmenace
Attack of the Evil Veg
Super Slime Spectacular
The Bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle
Little Menace’s Great Escape

Battle for Bash Street School

Can a group of ten year old mates (and one scruffy dog) really outwit the most fiendish, cunning teachers in the universe and, after millions of years, finally make school cool?!
When mysterious new teachers arrive to lay down the law at notoriously naughty Bash Street School, Dennis, Gnasher and friends finally face a classroom test they simply can’t afford to fail …

The Abominable Snowmenace
When mysterious smelly footprints lead the gang to the school kitchen, they find themselves in a race against time to save their new best friend. The seasons are changing, and the fate of an entire species lies in their hands …

Attack of the Evil Veg
An army of giant, carnivorous vegetables has sprouted to rule Beanotown! Can Dennis, Gnasher and friends root them out before they fall victim to the attack of the evil veg?!

Super Slime Spectacular
What could possibly go wrong when Dennis, Gnasher and their classmates undertake a risky experiment to create the ultimate slime?
Join the gang in a race against slime to save Beanotown.

The Bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle
When the bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle returns and Lord Snooty flees town, Dennis, Gnasher and friends are dared to spend the night within the fortress's spooky halls.
Will they last until morning? Or will the Bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle prove too scary for them to handle?

Little Menace’s Great Escape
When Dennis’s parents are invited to an adult-only wedding, he and Harsha devise the perfect plan to avoid nagging babysitters: they’ll do it! However, when Dennis’s little sister Bea goes missing, they’ll start to realise that babysitting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

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