Beast Quest Series 14 Adam blade 4 Books Collection Set, Falra, Tikron, Vislak

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ISBN: 9787293101980
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Adam Blade

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Beast Quest Series 14 Collection 4 Books Set Pack By Adam Blade

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Titles In This Set :

Falra The Snow Phoenix

Tom's new Quest is to save his dragon friend, Vedra, who has been cursed by Kensa the Witch. Can Tom find The magic potion's first ingredient, when Raffkor the Stampeding Brute is determined to stop him?

Tikron The Jungle Master

Tom's Quest to find the ingredients for a potion to save his dragon friend continues. Next, Tom must face Vislak - a terrifying Beast who traps his victims with sticky venom!

Vislak The Slithering Serpent

A great monkey-Beast stands in Tom's way as he searches the Dark Jungle for the next potion ingredient. Will Tom prevail against the might of Tikron the Jungle Master?

Raffkor The Stampeding Brute

Tom's Deadliest Quest yet reaches a terrifying conclusion as he enters the Pit of Fire to battle Falbra! Can our hero defeat the Beast and find the final ingredient for the potion needed to break Kensa's curse?

Length - 12.9cm

Width - 3.4cm

Height - 19.8cm

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