Beast Quest Series 16 Adam Blade 4 Books Collection Set, Kanis, Solix, Ronak

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ISBN: 9787293102000
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Adam Blade

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Beast Quest Series 15 Adam Blade 4 Books Collection Set, Xeric, Wardok, Quagos..

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Titles In This Set :

Kanis The Shadow Hound

One last Beast remains as our heroes try to save Gwildor. The wicked witch Kensa has turned the Emperor's faithful dog into a monstrous shadowy Beast. It's time for the ultimate battle!

Solix The Deadly Swarm

In the mysterious Rainbow Jungle a terrifying creature is on the loose - a giant fire ant which the evil witch Kensa plans to set on the people of Gwildor! How will Tom and Elenna stop the Beast in its tracks?

Ronak The Toxic Terror

The witch Kensa's wicked plan to control the land of Gwildor continues, and now she's created a new monster, whose poisoned hooves kill the precious crops. It must be stopped or the people will starve! Can Tom and Elenna defeat the Beast and their old enemy?

Styro The Snapping Brute

Tom and Elenna journey to the kingdom of Gwildor - but when they arrive they discover that an old enemy has a deadly plan to seize power over the land and its people. Can our heroes defeat a monstrous clawed lobster Beast?

Length - 12.9cm

Width - 3.4cm

Height - 19.8cm

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