Benjamin Zephaniah Collection 4 Books Set (Gangsta Rap, Face, Teacher's Dead & Refugee Boy)

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Benjamin Zephaniah is a renowned British Jamaican poet, writer, and musician known for his powerful and socially conscious works. His writing often addresses issues of social justice, equality, and the experiences of marginalized communities. Zephaniah's poetry is known for its rhythmic style, vibrant language, and thought-provoking themes.

Titles in this Set:

Gangsta Rap
Teacher's Dead
Refugee Boy 


  1. "Face":

    • "Face" is a compelling novel that addresses issues of facial disfigurement and societal perceptions of beauty. The story revolves around a teenager named Martin who faces discrimination due to his appearance. Zephaniah skillfully navigates themes of self-acceptance, friendship, and the importance of looking beyond physical appearances.
  2. "Teacher's Dead":

    • In "Teacher's Dead," Zephaniah takes on the mystery genre, exploring the aftermath of a teacher's murder. The novel unravels the complexities of school life, the impact of authority figures, and the social dynamics among students. With a blend of suspense and social commentary, Zephaniah engages readers in a thought-provoking narrative.
  3. "Refugee Boy":

    • "Refugee Boy" tells the poignant story of Alem, a young Ethiopian boy seeking asylum in the UK. Benjamin Zephaniah addresses issues of displacement, cultural identity, and the challenges faced by refugees. The novel provides a compassionate and insightful look into the struggles of individuals forced to navigate a new and unfamiliar environment.

This collection showcases Benjamin Zephaniah's versatility as a writer, tackling a range of themes and genres while maintaining a focus on social issues and human experiences. Each book offers a unique perspective, combining engaging storytelling with Zephaniah's signature exploration of societal complexities.


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