Big Questions from Little Learners 15 Book Collection Box Set

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ISBN: 9781804455616
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Simon Couchman

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The "Big Questions from Little Learners" series, consisting of 15 books, is a captivating collection designed to spark curiosity and engage young minds with intriguing inquiries about the world around them. Each book explores a different question, fostering a deeper understanding of various phenomena while encouraging critical thinking and exploration.

From fundamental concepts like "Why is there day and night?" to the intricacies of nature such as "Why do Bees buzz?" and "Why is the sea so salty?" the series covers a wide range of topics, inviting children to ponder the wonders of the natural world and seek answers to their inquiries.

As children delve into these thought-provoking questions, they are introduced to scientific principles, cultural traditions, and the marvels of the universe in an accessible and engaging manner.

Moreover, the series tackles important social and emotional topics, including "Why do we all look different?" and "Why should I listen to my parents?" These books not only stimulate intellectual curiosity but also encourage empathy, self-reflection, and respect for others.

Through vibrant illustrations, engaging narratives, and age-appropriate explanations, the "Big Questions from Little Learners" series ignites a sense of wonder and encourages children to explore, learn, and grow as they embark on a journey of discovery.

Titles in this Set:

Why is there day and night?
Why do people get ill?
Why should i share my things?
Why must i clean my teeth?
Why do i have to go to school?
Why do i have to eat my vegetables?
Why does it rain?
Why is the sea so salty?
Why do i have to go to bed?
Why do Bees buzz?
Why do we poo?
Why are there no dinosaurs today?
Why should i listen to my parents?
Why do we all look different?
Why do i have to learn to read?

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