Bob Books: First Stories (Stage 1: Starting to read) 12 Books Collection Set By Scholastic

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Bob Books is a true first reader series, designed to make helping children learn to read simple and straightforward. The clean layout, short words, and simple phonics make learning to read a fun and natural step for a child that knows the alphabet. Companion workbooks extend children's reading journey by allowing them to practice the skills learned in the books.

Bob Books is designed to give young children the tools to cross from learning letters to reading words. The award-winning beginning reader book sets start slowly and progress from books with three letter words, to books with more than one sentence per page. By meeting children at the right level, parents are often amazed at how quickly their child is able to sound out words when reading their first Bob Book.

Titles in this Set:

  • Sam and Mat
  • Sam Sat
  • Dinnertime
  • Pets
  • Dog and Mag
  • Dot and the Big Cat
  • The Band
  • Hop and Tap
  • The Ant
  • Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
  • Bugs
  • Sun


Bob Books boxed set featuring 12 easy-to-read stories!

Great for early readers, this boxed set includes twelve mini-books. This set is the perfect stepping stone to independent reading since it contains four level A books, four level B's, and four level C's. (Level A and Level B are the equivalent of the UK Pink Book Band, and Level C is equivalent to UK Red Book Band)

In typical Bob Books style, these mini-books have lots of repetition, friendly illustrations, and silly stories. Bob Books First Stories is a great companion to Bob Books Set 1: Beginning Readers and Sight Words Year 1 and Sight Words Year 2.

Inside the box you'll find:

  • 12 easy-to-read books, 12 pages each
  • Consistent sounds. All letters (except Q) introduced gradually in this set.
  • Books with only two and three letter words
  • All words can be 'sounded out' (phonics based)
  • Each book introduces a few new letters
  • Limited sight words
  • 7 to 20 words per book

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