Bunny Vs Monkey 6 Book Set Collection (Bunny Vs Monkey, the League of Doom, The Supersonic Aye-Aye, The Human Invasion, Rise of the Maniacal Badger,Multiverse Mix-up!)

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FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Jamie Smart's

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The Bunny vs Monkey 6 Book Set is a hilarious and action-packed collection that follows the epic rivalry between Bunny and Monkey as they navigate their way through the wild and wacky world of the woods. Written and illustrated by Jamie Smart, this series combines humor, adventure, and lovable characters that will delight young readers.

Titles In this Set:

Bunny vs Monkey
Bunny vs Monkey And the Human Invasion
Bunny vs Monkey And the league of Doom
Bunny vs Monkey and the supersonic Aye-Aye
Bunny vs Monkey, Rise of the Maniacal Badger 
Bunny vs Monkey, Multiverse Mixup


Book 1: "Bunny vs Monkey" In this introductory book, readers are introduced to the hilarious clash between Bunny and Monkey. When Monkey crashes into the forest in a rocket, chaos ensues as he tries to conquer the peaceful woodland. Bunny and his friends must band together to outwit Monkey and protect their home.

Book 2: "Bunny vs Monkey And the Human Invasion" is an uproarious addition to the Bunny vs Monkey series by Jamie Smart. In this exciting installment, the tranquility of the forest is disrupted when a group of clueless humans suddenly arrive, unaware of the chaos they will unwittingly cause. Bunny, Monkey, and their quirky friends must join forces to navigate the hilarious and unpredictable encounters with these new, bumbling invaders. Packed with wit, zany antics, and delightful illustrations, this book delivers laughter, adventure, and valuable lessons about acceptance and cooperation in the face of unexpected challenges. Perfect for young readers seeking a laugh-out-loud reading experience.

Book 3:"Bunny vs Monkey And the League of Doom" takes the comical rivalry between Bunny and Monkey to new heights in this exciting addition to the beloved series by Jamie Smart. When a team of supervillains, known as the League of Doom, descends upon the forest, Bunny and Monkey must set aside their differences and unite their friends to defend their home. Packed with action, humor, and imaginative illustrations, this book brings epic battles, hilarious antics, and unexpected alliances as the characters face off against their greatest threat yet. With themes of friendship, courage, and teamwork, this installment is sure to captivate young readers and leave them eager for the next thrilling adventure in the Bunny vs Monkey series.

Book 4: "Bunny vs Monkey and the Supersonic Aye-Aye" is an uproarious addition to the Bunny vs Monkey series by Jamie Smart. When an aye-aye with supersonic powers crashes into the forest, chaos ensues as Bunny, Monkey, and their friends find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of high-speed mischief. As they try to tame the wild and unpredictable Aye-Aye, hilarity ensues with their inventive schemes and zany encounters. Packed with witty humor, action-packed illustrations, and unexpected twists, this book guarantees non-stop laughter and delightful entertainment for young readers. Join Bunny, Monkey, and their quirky pals on this madcap adventure filled with friendship, excitement, and outrageous fun.

Book 5: "Bunny vs Monkey: Rise of the Maniacal Badger" takes the riotous rivalry between Bunny and Monkey to new heights in this uproarious installment by Jamie Smart. When a dastardly badger with a maniacal plan threatens to take over the forest, Bunny and Monkey must put aside their differences and assemble a team of unlikely allies to stop the badger's mischievous plot. Filled with uproarious humor, unexpected twists, and dynamic illustrations, this book delivers a hilarious and action-packed adventure that will keep young readers on the edge of their seats. Join Bunny, Monkey, and their eccentric friends as they face off against the maniacal badger and embark on an unforgettable journey of friendship, bravery, and wild escapades.

Book 6: "Bunny vs Monkey: Multiverse Mixup" takes the laugh-out-loud rivalry between Bunny and Monkey to mind-bending dimensions in this hilarious addition by Jamie Smart. When a cosmic mishap causes a rift in the multiverse, Bunny and Monkey find themselves transported to alternate versions of their forest home, encountering outrageous versions of themselves and their friends. As they navigate the wacky and unpredictable multiverse, they must unravel the chaos they inadvertently caused and find a way back to their own reality. Packed with imaginative twists, zany characters, and side-splitting humor, this book promises an unforgettable adventure that will have young readers hooked from start to finish. Join Bunny, Monkey, and their eccentric companions as they embark on a multiverse journey filled with laughter, mayhem, and surprising discoveries.


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