Cat Kid Comic Club Series Collection 5 Books Set By Dav Pilkey (Cat Kid Comic Club, Perspectives, On Purpose, Collaborations & Influencers)

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Join Li'l Petey, Molly, and Flippy in their whimsical and heartwarming adventures with this delightful 5-book set from Dav Pilkey, the creator of the beloved Dog Man series. The "Cat Kid Comic Club" series offers a vibrant, humorous, and inspiring look at creativity, friendship, and perseverance, perfect for young readers and budding artists.

Titles in this Set:

Cat Kid Comic Club
Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives
Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose
Cat Kid Comic Club 4: Collaborations 
Cat Kid Comic Club 5: Influencers


Cat Kid Comic Club
In the series opener, "Cat Kid Comic Club," Li'l Petey and his friends start their own comic club, encouraging creativity and collaboration among a diverse group of characters. Through fun and imaginative storytelling, they learn valuable lessons about teamwork, problem-solving, and the joy of making comics.

Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives
"Perspectives" dives deeper into the characters' artistic journeys, exploring how different viewpoints can influence storytelling. The kids of the comic club experiment with various styles and narratives, discovering that everyone has a unique voice and perspective to share. This book highlights the importance of empathy and understanding through creative expression.

Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose
In "On Purpose," the comic club faces new challenges and learns about the power of intention. As they work on their comics with renewed focus and determination, the young creators explore themes of motivation, goal-setting, and the impact of their stories. This installment emphasizes the significance of finding purpose in one's creative endeavour's.

Cat Kid Comic Club 5: Influencers
"Collaborations" showcases the magic that happens when creators come together. The comic club members team up for joint projects, learning about the dynamics of working together and the strengths each individual brings to the table. This book celebrates the beauty of teamwork and the endless possibilities that collaboration can unlock.

In "Influencers," the young artists explore the world of influence and inspiration. They discover how their work can affect others and how they can draw inspiration from the world around them. This book delves into the responsibilities and opportunities that come with being a creator, encouraging readers to use their talents for positive impact.

Dav Pilkey's "Cat Kid Comic Club" series is a treasure trove of humor, creativity, and life lessons, brought to life with his signature illustrations and engaging storytelling. This 5-book set is perfect for young readers who love comics and anyone looking for an uplifting and entertaining read. Dive into the adventures of the comic club and discover the joy of creating and sharing stories.

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