Cate Shearwater Collection Somersaults and Dreams Series 3 Books Set Rising Star

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ISBN: 9789123650446
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Cate Shearwater

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Titles In This Set
Somersaults and Dreams: Going for Gold
Making the Grade (Somersaults and Dreams)
Somersaults and Dreams: Rising Star


Somersaults and Dreams: Going for Gold
Ellie has reached the national gymnastics squad training camp. Now it feels like she is just a somersault away from her dream of competing in the Euros! But with training harder than ever, rivalries even fiercer and a new coach who seems determined to make sure she fails, Ellie feels as though she has to do whatever it takes . . . including hiding a potentially-career ruining injury. How far is Ellie really willing to go for gold?

Making the Grade (Somersaults and Dreams)
Ellie has a dream . . . to become a world-class gymnast. When she’s offered a place at the prestigious London Gymnastics Academy, it looks like she has a chance to make that dream come true. But there are many obstacles to overcome, new friends to make, and rivalries to face! Will she make it, against all the odds? Making the Grade is the first book in the Somersaults and Dreams series, a rollercoaster ride full of friendship, rivalries, setbacks and triumphs, with echoes of classic stories like Ballet Shoes.

Somersaults and Dreams: Rising Star
The British Champs are looming and Ellie is desperate to qualify. But with her two best friends growing distant and a bright new star joining her squad, she is finding it hard to stand out. Will hard work be enough, or will Ellie find something more to make her performance shine?

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