Catherine Cookson Collection 8 Books Set (The Fifteen Streets,The Dwelling Place,My Beloved Son,A Sister's Obsession,Kate Hannigan,Daughter of Scandal,The Rag Maid,The Smuggler’s Secret)

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Titles in this Set:
The Fifteen Streets:
The Dwelling Place
My Beloved Son:
A Sister's Obsession

Kate Hannigan:
Daughter of Scandal:
The Rag Maid:
The Smuggler’s Secret:

The Fifteen Streets:
Life on the Fifteen Streets is tough - a continual struggle for survival. Born into an ever-expanding family, John O'Brien grew up with nothing to call his own.

The Dwelling Place:
When fifteen-year-old Cissie Brodie loses her parents to cholera, she is forced out of the family cottage and left to raise her nine brothers and sisters by herself.

My Beloved Son:
When Ellen Jebeau’s husband dies in 1926, he leaves behind a legacy of debt and empty dreams. However, Ellen is determined that her son Joseph should have everything in life.

A Sister's Obsession:
Rosie finds it hard to cope with her eldest sister's over-possessive nature. Since the death of their mother Beatrice has been insufferably dominating, taking over the running of the house.

Kate Hannigan:
Dr Rodney Prince has never seen a girl look more out of place in the grime of the Fifteen Streets than Kate Hannigan. Her beauty and intelligence far outshine that of his hard, brittle, calculating wife.

Daughter of Scandal:
In Heap Hollow cottage in County Durham live what appears to be a close and loving family. But across the happy façade lies a shadow that has lengthened and darkened with the passing years.

The Rag Maid:
When Millie's mother abandons her one late afternoon in 1854, fate brings the seven-year-old to Aggie's door - and life will never be the same for either of them.

The Smuggler’s Secret:
Born into grinding poverty, young Freddie Musgrave relies on his wits to survive and help feed his family. He earns a few shillings by navigating his little boat across the swift-flowing waters of the Tyne.

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