Cherub Series 1 Collection Robert Muchamore 5 Books Set The Recruit, Class A

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ISBN: 9789526528076
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Robert Muchamore

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Titles in the Set

Class A
Divine Madness
The Recruit
The Killing
Maximum Security

Class A
Keith Moore is Europes biggest cocaine dealer. The police have been trying to nail him for more than twenty years. Now four CHERUB agents are joining the hunt. But can James and his friends enter the lions den and infiltrate Keith Moores evil hideout, when dozens of attempts by undercover police officers have failed? The CHERUB kids had better succeed. Because if they fail, theyre dead.

Divine Madness
A team of CHERUB agents have discovered a sinister link between an eco-terrorist group, Help Earth, and a wealthy religious cult known as The Survivors. Someone needs to find out whats really going on someone like James. Soon he is on the way to Australia for an undercover job which will be his toughest and most dangerous yet. The Survivors outback headquarters are completely isolated. Its a thousand kilometres to the nearest town. Posing as a new recruit, exposed to the cults brainwashing techniques, James is under massive pressure to conform. Now he is not just fighting terrorists. He is fighting for control of his own mind.

The Recruit
A terrorist doesnt let strangers into her flat because they might be undercover police or intelligence agents but her children bring their mates home and they run all over the place. The terrorist doesnt know that one of these kids has bugged every room in her house, copied her computer files and stolen her address book. The kid works for CHERUB. Theres nothing normal about CHERUB, the secret training ground for young MI5 spies. Its a place where kids fight crime and crack codes, sneaking under the radar to do what adults cannot. When tough kid James is recruited by CHERUB, he thinks it's saved his life. Now he is away from the Childrens Home, and from trouble with the police. But soon James is using his fighting skills against lethal adult enemies. The slightest fear could betray him. And the penalty is death.

The Killing
When a small-time crook suddenly has BIG money on his hands, the police want to know where it came from. Jamess latest CHERUB mission looks routine: make friends with the bad guys children, infiltrate his home and dig up some leads for the cops. But the plot James unravels is much more complex than anyone expected. It seems that the only person who knows the truth is a reclusive teenage boy. Theres just one problem. The boy fell from a rooftop more than a year earlier. Now James is trying to solve a baffling crime whose only witness is dead

Maximum Security
Two hundred and eighty child criminals live in the sun-baked desert prison of Arizona Max. One of them is the son of a notorious weapons dealer who has been selling US missiles to terrorists. If CHERUB can get the kid, they can get the parent.Over the years, CHERUB has put plenty of criminals behind bars. Now, for the first time ever, James and his friends have got to break one out

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