Children Introduction to Science for Beginners (Series 2) 10 Book Collection set: (Energy, Earthquakes and Tsunamis, Life Cycles, Light, Magnetism, ... Solar System, Weather, Your Amazing Body)

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The 'Introduction to Science Series 2' comprises a comprehensive 10-book set that delves into fundamental scientific concepts across various domains. Each book offers an accessible and engaging exploration of its specific topic, making science approachable for learners of all levels. Here's a breakdown of the titles included:

Titles In This Set:
Earthquakes and Tsunamis
Life Cycles
Planet Earth
Solar System
Your Amazing Body


Introduction to Energy:
What is energy and how do we use it? Find out about the amazing power of energy inside.

Introduction to Earthquakes and Tsunamis:
What are earthquakes and tsunamis and what causes them? Find out the answers to these questions and many more inside.

Introduction to Planet Earth:
Our Earth has amazing rivers, sky-scraping mountains, hot deserts and more! Find out more about it inside.

Introduction to Solar System:
What is a solar system and what is in our Solar System? Find out the answer to this question and many more inside.

Introduction to Weather:
How is weather made and how do we study and measure it? Find out about our amazing world of weather inside.

Introduction to Life Cycles:
What are life cycles and how do they work? Find out about the amazing world of life cycles inside.

Introduction to Light:
What is light and how do we use it? Find out about the amazing power of light inside.

Introduction to Magnetism:
What is magnetism and how do we use it? Find out about the amazing force of magnetism inside.

Introduction to Your Amazing Body:
What awesome things happen inside your body every day? Find out about your amazing body inside.

Introduction to Pollution:
What is pollution and how is it damaging our world? Find out about pollution and what we can do to stop it inside.

This series serves as an invaluable resource, offering a gateway to scientific knowledge and fostering a profound appreciation for the wonders of the natural world while promoting an understanding of key scientific principles.

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