Lots to Spot Flashcards Tray Busy World 4 Pack My food, At Home, On the Go, On the Farm

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Miles Kelly SKU: LWP10218
ISBN: 9781786178107
FORMAT: Hardback
AUTHOR: Belinda Gallagher

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Titles in this Set 
Lots To Spot Flashcards: My Food 
Lots To Spot Flashcards: On the Farm
Lots To Spot Flashcards: At Home
Lots To Spot Flashcards: On the Go  


These four sets of double-sided flashcards are designed to engage young children. Each set looks at numbers, colours and simple words alongside bold illustrations of recognisable vehicles, farm animals, and food and objects around the home, allowing children to learn through play. The durable cards have curved corners and are easy for small hands to hold, making them perfect for use at home and while travelling.

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