Crave Series 5 Books Collection Set By Tracy Wolff (Crave, Crush, Covet, Court, Charm) Paperback

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ISBN: 9780678458914
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Tracy Wolff

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Embark on a thrilling journey with Tracy Wolff's "Crave Series" – a mesmerizing collection of five books ("Covet," "Court," "Charm," and more). Enter the enchanting world of Katmere Academy, where forbidden love, supernatural mysteries, and dark secrets converge. Brace yourself for a spellbinding saga that transcends genres, blending vampire romance, paranormal intrigue, and YA fantasy. Are you ready to crave the extraordinary?

Titles In This Set:


There is nothing normal about Katmere Academy, or the students in it. Her uncle's exclusive and secretive boarding school is the last place Grace wants to be, but after the tragic deaths of both her parents, she is left with no choice.

When she arrived at Katmere Academy, mortal Grace's world turned upside down. Now back at the school, she is haunted by fragments of days she doesn't remember living, as she struggles to understand who, or what, she really is.


On the brink of an all-consuming war and caught at the crossroads where choice and destiny meet, Grace struggles to save her school, her friends, and her very soul when she finds herself in a dangerous and unique prison.

Protect the kingdom at all costs-or so that's what Grace has been told. That's because Grace isn't like the others at Katmere Academy. One of the last of her kind, Grace can either save or doom them all. And if she can't save herself, she can't save the others.

The first time Grace turned into a gargoyle, she lost her memories for an entire four months. And when she woke up, she had the enigmatic, infuriating Hudson Vega inside her head.

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