David Baddiel Collection 3 Books Set (The Boy Who Got Accidentally Famous,Future Friend,Virtually Christmas )

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The "David Baddiel Collection 3 Books Set" comprises three engaging and diverse novels by acclaimed British author David Baddiel.

Titles in this Set

The Boy Who Got Accidentally Famous,
Future Friend,
Virtually Christmas


  1. The Boy Who Got Accidentally Famous: In this book, readers follow the journey of a regular young boy named Joe, who unexpectedly becomes famous after a video of him saving a child goes viral. As he navigates his newfound fame, Joe grapples with the challenges and pressures that come with being in the public eye. The story delves into themes of identity, friendship, and the impact of social media on modern society.

  2. Future Friend: Set in the future, "Future Friend" is a time-travel adventure that brings together two protagonists from different time periods. Luke, living in the 21st century, and his new friend, Jane, from the 22nd century, communicate through a futuristic app. Together, they uncover the mysteries of time travel and work together to address the problems of both their eras. The book explores themes of technology, friendship, and the implications of time travel.

  3. Virtually Christmas: In "Virtually Christmas," Baddiel presents a heart warming yet imaginative story that combines the holiday spirit with virtual reality. The story follows two siblings, Beth and Santa, as they embark on an extraordinary adventure inside a virtual Christmas world. They must solve puzzles and face challenges to save Christmas from a virtual villain. This novel blends festive cheer with technological innovation and underscores the significance of family bonds.

Overall, the "David Baddiel Collection 3 Books Set" offers a thought-provoking mix of contemporary themes, humour, and imaginative storytelling, appealing to readers of various ages with its relatable characters and captivating plots.

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