David Raker Missing Persons Series 6 Books Collection Set by Tim Weaver (Chasing the Dead, The Dead Tracks, Vanished, Never Coming Back, Fall From Grace, What Remains)

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ISBN: 9780678462324
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Tim Weaver

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Embark on a gripping journey into the heart of mystery and intrigue with the "David Raker Missing Persons Series 6 Books Collection Set" by Tim Weaver. This captivating collection invites readers to follow the trail of investigator David Raker as he unravels the secrets behind some of the most puzzling disappearances.

Titles In This Set:
Chasing the Dead
The Dead Tracks
Never Coming Back
Fall From Grace
What Remains


Chasing the Dead

One year ago, Alex Towne's body was found.
One month ago, his mother saw him on the street.
One week ago, David Raker agreed to look for him.
Now he wishes he hadn't.

The Dead Tracks

Straight-A student Megan Carver was an unlikely runaway. But six months on, she's never been found.
Missing persons investigator David Raker knows what it's like to grieve. He knows the shadowy world of the lost, too. So when he's hired by Megan's parents to find out what happened to her, he recognises their pain - but knows that the darkest secrets can be buried deep.


He got on the train. He didn't get off. So where did he go?
On a normal London morning, Sam Wren gets onto a tube train - and then never gets off again.
No eyewitnesses. No trace of him on security cameras. Six months later, he's still missing.

Never Coming Back

When Emily Kane arrives at her sister Carrie's house, she finds the front door unlocked and no one inside.
Dinner's cooking, the TV's on. Carrie, her husband and their two daughters are gone.

Fall From Grace

When Leonard Franks and his wife Ellie left London for their dream retirement in the seclusion of Dartmoor, everything seemed perfect. But then Leonard heads outside to fetch firewood from the back of the house - and never returns.

What Remains

Missing persons investigator David Raker specializes in finding the lost. Whether dead or alive, he brings the truth home to the families left behind. But there's one person he's never been able to save.

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