Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series 12-16 Collection 5 Books Set By Jeff Kinney (Big Shot [Hardcover], The Deep End [Hardcover], Wrecking Ball, The Meltdown, The Getaway)

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ISBN: 9789124176013
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Jeff Kinney

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Big Shot [Hardcover]:
The Deep End
Wrecking Ball
The Meltdown
The Getaway

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series 12-16 Collection 5 Books Set By Jeff Kinney:

Big Shot [Hardcover]:
After a disastrous competition at school, Greg decides that he's officially retired from ANY kind of sport! That is, until his mom persuades him to give it one more go and makes Greg reluctantly agree to sign up for basketball. Tryouts are a MESS, and Greg is sure he won't make the cut. But he unexpectedly lands a spot on the worst team.

The Deep End:
When Greg Heffley and his family hit the road for a cross-country camping trip, they're ready for the adventure of a lifetime. But their plans hit a major snag, and they find themselves stranded at a campsite that's not exactly a summertime paradise.

Wrecking Ball:
Big changes are in store for Greg Heffley and his family. They are making home improvements! But with unwelcome critters, toxic mould and the walls coming down, soon Greg discovers renovations aren't all they are cracked up to be.

The Meltdown:
Snow has shut down Greg Heffley's middle school! Which should be exciting, but now his neighbourhood is a wintry battlefield. And Greg and his best friend Rowley are caught in the crosshairs of territory battles, epic snowball fights and massive snow forts.

The Getaway:
It's freezing cold at home and his parents are stressed about Christmas, so they decide the whole family are going to escape to a tropical island! A few days in paradise SHOULD do wonders for Greg and his frazzled family.

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