Dinosaur Cove x 10 book set Collection volume 1-10

Oxford University Press SKU: LWP0845
ISBN: 9780192793652
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Rex Stone

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Dinosaur Cove Series Collection 10 Books Set by Rex Stone Enjoy the thrill and adventure of dinosaur world with Jamie and hi friend Tom. The titles are: Attack of the Lizard King, Charge of the Three-Horned Monster, March of the Armoured Beasts, Stampede of the Giant Reptiles, Catching the Speedy Thief, Rescuing the Plated Lizard, Swimming with the Sea Monster, Tracking the Gigantic Beast, Escape from the Fierce Predato

Titles in This Set
Attack of the Lizard King
Charge of the Three-Horned Monster
March of the Armoured Beasts
Flight of the Winged Serpent
Catching the Speedy Thief
Stampede of the Giant Reptiles
Rescuing the Plated Lizard
Swimming with the Sea Monster
Tracking the Gigantic Beast
Escape from the Fierce Predator

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