Disney My Little Library 4 Books Set Collection (Opposites, Nursery Rhymes, Numbers, Colours)

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The "Disney My Little Library 4 Books Set Collection" is a delightful and educational collection of children's books designed to engage and entertain young readers while introducing them to fundamental concepts such as opposites, nursery rhymes, numbers, and colours. Each book in this set offers a unique learning experience:

Titles in this Set:

Nursery Rhymes


  1. "Opposites": This book helps children grasp the concept of opposites through familiar Disney characters and scenes. Readers will explore concepts like big and small, happy and sad, and many more, in a fun and engaging way.

  2. "Nursery Rhymes": Featuring classic nursery rhymes adorned with Disney characters, this book offers a delightful introduction to the world of rhyming words and storytelling, making it an enjoyable and educational read for young children.

  3. "Numbers": Learning numbers becomes an exciting adventure with Disney's beloved characters. This book introduces children to counting, recognizing numbers, and simple math concepts while following the adventures of Disney's most iconic friends.

  4. "Colours": In this book, children are introduced to the vibrant world of colours with the help of Disney's colourful characters and settings. It's a fun way for young readers to learn about different colours and expand their vocabulary.

The "Disney My Little Library 4 Books Set Collection" is not only educational but also engaging and visually appealing. It combines the magic of Disney with fundamental learning concepts to make early childhood education a delightful and enchanting experience for young readers. Each book is designed to spark a child's curiosity and encourage them to explore and learn through the enchanting Disney universe. It's a perfect addition to any child's library, providing a solid foundation for early learning and a whole lot of fun along the way.

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