Dr Shini Somara and Nadja Sarell 4 Books Set (An Engineer Like Me, A Scientist Like Me, A Mathematician Like Me & A Coder Like Me)

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Empower young minds with the 'Dr. Shini Somara and Nadja Sarell 4 Books Set.' These engaging and beautifully illustrated books inspire kids to explore STEM, showcasing remarkable women who excel in engineering, science, mathematics, and coding. An educational journey through inspiring stories and interactive learning activities.

Titles In This Set:
An Engineer Like Me
A Scientist Like Me
A Mathematician Like Me
A Coder Like Me


An Engineer Like Me
"An Engineer Like Me" takes young readers on a captivating journey through the world of engineering, exploring the achievements and adventures of those who dream, design, and build the future.

A Scientist Like Me
Delve into the realm of scientific wonders with "A Scientist Like Me." This book invites children to embark on a voyage of discovery, celebrating the curiosity and ingenuity that drive scientific exploration.

A Mathematician Like Me
"A Mathematician Like Me" reveals the magic of mathematics and its role in solving complex puzzles and making sense of the world. Join this adventure to uncover the beauty and power of numbers.

A Coder Like Me
In "A Coder Like Me," young minds will unlock the secrets of coding and programming. This book sparks creativity and introduces kids to the language of technology, inspiring them to become digital innovators.

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