Dragon Masters Box Set 1-5 By Tracey West (Rise of the Earth Dragon, Saving the Sun Dragon, Secret of the Water Dragon, Power of the Fire Dragon, Song of the Poison Dragon)

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Scholastic SKU: LWP10834
ISBN: 9781338777260
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Tracey West

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Titles In This Set:
Rise of the Earth Dragon
Saving the Sun Dragon
Secret of the Water Dragon
Power of the Fire Dragon
Song of the Poison Dragon

Rise of the Earth Dragon
DISCOVER THE SECRET OF THE DRAGON STONE! Drake never thought dragons were real. But he soon learns that dragons are real-and that he is a Dragon Master! The
magic Dragon Stone has chosen Drake and three others-Ana, Rori, and Bo- to train dragons. Will Drake be able to connect with his dragon? Does he have what it takes to
become a true Dragon Master?

Saving the Sun Dragon
Drake is a Dragon Master. He and the other Dragon Masters-Ana, Rori, and Bo-train dragons for the king. When Ana's dragon, Kepri, becomes sick, everyone must work
together to save her. Did dark magic make her sick? Does Worm have a new secret power that could help her? The Dragon Masters are about to find out!

Secret of the Water Dragon
Drake loves being a Dragon Master for King Roland! The magic Dragon Stone lets Drake, Rori, Bo, and Ana train and even fly their very own dragons. But someone is
trying to steal the stone! And Bo starts acting strangely. Does he have a secret? The Dragon Masters will have to protect the Dragon Stone-no matter what!

Power of the Fire Dragon
The Dragon Masters are going to visit Queen Rose's kingdom. But Rori and Drake must stay behind. Then a four-headed dragon attacks the castle--and Maldred is riding it! How is Maldred controlling this giant dragon? Will Rori and Drake have to battle the dark wizard on their own?

Song of the Poison Dragon
The newest Dragon Master has arrived at the castle! But she doesn't really fit in. Petra is a know-it-all and she is not even trying to connect with her dragon. Could the
Dragon Stone have chosen Petra by mistake? Then something terrible happens to the king! Petra must work with the other Dragon Masters to save him before it's too late!

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