Dragon Masters Series 20 Books Collection By Tracey West

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AUTHOR: Tracey West

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Embark on an epic journey into the enchanting world of dragons with the Dragon Masters Series 20 Books Collection by Tracey West. This captivating collection takes young readers on thrilling adventures alongside a group of courageous dragon masters. Join Drake, Ana, Rori, and their dragon companions as they unlock the secrets of their unique powers, face formidable challenges, and work together to protect the dragon kingdom from dark forces. Packed with magic, friendship, and heart-pounding action, this collection is sure to ignite the imagination and captivate dragon enthusiasts of all ages. Get ready to soar into an extraordinary realm where the bond between humans and dragons is truly extraordinary.


Rise of the Earth Dragon

Saving the Sun Dragon
 Secret of the Water Dragon
 Power of the Fire Dragon
 Song of the Poison Dragon
 Flight of the Moon Dragon
 Search for the Lightning Dragon
 Roar of the Thunder Dragon
 Chill of the Ice Dragon
 Waking The Rainbow Dragon
 Shine of the Silver Dragon
 Treasure of the Gold Dragon
 Eye of the Earthquake Dragon
 Land of the Spring Dragon
 Future of the Time Dragon
 Call of the Sound Dragon
 Fortress of the Stone Dragon
 Heat of the Lava Dragon
 Wave of the Sea Dragon
 Howl of the Wind Dragon


  1. "Rise of the Earth Dragon": Follow the thrilling tale of a young hero as they uncover the ancient prophecy and awaken a powerful Earth Dragon, setting off a chain of events that will change their destiny forever.

  2. "Saving the Sun Dragon": Join the Dragon Masters on a daring mission to rescue a rare Sun Dragon, as they face perilous challenges and race against time to ensure its safety from an evil threat.

  3. "Secret of the Water Dragon": Dive into an underwater adventure as the Dragon Masters uncover the mysterious powers and hidden secrets of a majestic Water Dragon, unlocking its true potential.

  4. "Power of the Fire Dragon": Witness the incredible bond between a Dragon Master and a fiery Fire Dragon, as they harness their combined strength to protect their realm from dark forces.

  5. "Song of the Poison Dragon": Experience a thrilling quest as the Dragon Masters strive to tame a Poison Dragon with a dangerous and captivating song, all while navigating the treacherous path of trust and loyalty.

  6. "Flight of the Moon Dragon": Join the Dragon Masters on a mesmerizing journey under the moonlight, as they soar through the skies on the wings of a majestic Moon Dragon, facing awe-inspiring challenges along the way.

  7. "Search for the Lightning Dragon": Venture into a world of electrifying adventure as the Dragon Masters embark on a perilous quest to locate and tame a legendary Lightning Dragon, whose power can reshape their destiny.

  8. "Roar of the Thunder Dragon": Brace yourself for thunderous excitement as the Dragon Masters confront a formidable Thunder Dragon, unleashing its mighty roar and learning to harness its incredible strength.

  9. "Chill of the Ice Dragon": Feel the icy breath of danger as the Dragon Masters journey to subzero lands to confront an elusive Ice Dragon, battling freezing temperatures and uncovering the true meaning of courage.

  10. "Waking the Rainbow Dragon": Join the Dragon Masters in a quest to awaken the dormant power of a mythical Rainbow Dragon, discovering the key to harmony and unity amidst a world in chaos.

  11. "Shine of the Silver Dragon": Enter a realm of mystery and enchantment as the Dragon Masters encounter a Silver Dragon, whose luminous scales hold the key to a long-lost treasure and an ancient prophecy.

  12. "Treasure of the Gold Dragon": Embark on a thrilling adventure filled with riddles and danger as the Dragon Masters hunt for the legendary Treasure of the Gold Dragon, racing against adversaries to claim the ultimate prize.

  13. "Eye of the Earthquake Dragon": Brace for earth-shattering excitement as the Dragon Masters face off against an Earthquake Dragon, mastering its incredible power and learning to restore balance to their world.

  14. "Land of the Spring Dragon": Discover a vibrant and magical land where the Dragon Masters encounter a Spring Dragon, witnessing the awakening of nature's rejuvenating forces and the renewal of hope.

  15. "Future of the Time Dragon": Explore the concept of time travel as the Dragon Masters unlock the secrets of a Time Dragon, embarking on a thrilling adventure to shape the destiny of their realm.

  16. "Call of the Sound Dragon": Delve into a world of mesmerizing melodies and echoes as the Dragon Masters answer the call of a Sound Dragon, harnessing its power to restore harmony and create music that can change lives.

  17. "Fortress of the Stone Dragon": Prepare for a battle of epic proportions as the Dragon Masters confront a formidable Stone Dragon, unraveling the mysteries of an ancient fortress and discovering the true meaning of strength.

  18. "Heat of the Lava Dragon": Feel the scorching heat as the Dragon Masters navigate treacherous volcanic landscapes and tame a fierce Lava Dragon, harnessing its fiery power to protect their world.

  19. "Wave of the Sea Dragon": Immerse yourself in an oceanic adventure as the Dragon Masters encounter a majestic Sea Dragon, riding its waves and unlocking the secrets of the deep sea.

  20. "Howl of the Wind Dragon": Experience the power of the elements as the Dragon Masters face the challenge of taming a mighty Wind Dragon, embracing the forces of nature and learning the true meaning of freedom.

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