Dragon Storm Series Collection 8 Books Set By Alastair Chisholm (Tomás and Ironskin, Cara and Silverthief, Ellis and Pathseeker, Mira and Flameteller, Kai and Boneshadow, Erin and Rockhammer,Connor and Lightspirit,Skye and Soulsinger)

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The "Dragon Storm Series Collection 8 Books Set" by Alastair Chisholm invites readers into an enchanting world filled with magic, adventure, and the extraordinary bond between young riders and their dragon companions.

Titles in this Set:

Tomás and Ironskin,
Cara and Silverthief,
Ellis and Pathseeker,
Mira and Flameteller,
Kai and Boneshadow,
Erin and Rockhammer,
Connor and Lightspirit,
Skye and Soulsinger


In "Tomás and Ironskin," readers are introduced to Tomás, a brave young rider, and his dragon, Ironskin, as they embark on a thrilling journey to protect their realm from dark forces. Each book in the collection focuses on a different young rider and their unique dragon partner, as they face challenges, uncover secrets, and discover the true extent of their powers.

"Cara and Silverthief," "Ellis and Pathseeker," "Mira and Flameteller," and "Kai and Boneshadow" each offer a fresh perspective on the dragon rider dynamic, showcasing the strength of friendship and the determination to overcome adversity.

As the series progresses with "Erin and Rockhammer," "Connor and Lightspirit," and "Skye and Soulsinger," readers delve deeper into the richly crafted world of Dragon Storm, where the fate of the realm rests on the shoulders of these courageous young riders and their dragons.

Alastair Chisholm's storytelling weaves a tapestry of wonder and excitement, making each book in the collection an immersive experience for readers of all ages. With themes of bravery, teamwork, and the enduring power of hope, the "Dragon Storm Series Collection 8 Books Set" is a captivating journey into a fantastical realm where the bond between dragon and rider is unbreakable, and the destiny of a world hangs in the balance.

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