Edward Marston Nicholas Bracewell Mysteries 7 Books Collection Set

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ISBN: 9789124111984
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Edward Marston

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The Nine Giants
The Devil's Apprentice
The Mad Courtesan
The Roaring Boy
The Princess of Denmark
The Vagabond Clown
The Fair Maid of Bohemia

The Nine Giants:

The fiery star of the company of players called Lord Westfield's Men, Laurence Firethorn, is hot for a lady, wife of the Lord Mayor elect. A tryst at London's Nine Giants Inn is arranged.

The Devil's Apprentice:
Winter, Witchcraft and Devilish Deceit. Faced with the austerities of a bitterly cold English winter, the theatre is deserted and Westfield's Men find themselves out of work. Fortuitously, the company is invited to perform at a country home in Essex; welcome news to the disgruntled players.

The Mad Courtesan:
A vicious rivalry threatens to cause chaos for Lord Westfield's Men when the onstage duels between Owen Elias and Sebastian Carrick become ever more realistic.

The Roaring Boy:
One play, two murders and a grievous miscarriage of justice After a calamitous performance and the death of one of their own, Lord Westfield's Men are more than despondent.

The Princess of Denmark:
Winter approaches and Westfield's Men are out of work. When their widowed patron decides to marry again, he chooses a Danish bride with vague associations to the royal family.

The Vagabond Clown:
When unexpected disaster strikes Lord Westfield's Men during a packed performance, Nicholas Bracewell, the theatre company's stage manager and all-around performer of miracles, must save the day once again.

The Fair Maid of Bohemia:
Murder turns the journey of a lifetime into a deadly nightmare The plague has struck London once again but so has opportunity for theatre company Lord Westfield's Men.

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