Elizabeth Chadwick Collection 7 Books Set (The Autumn Throne, The Winter Crown, The Summer Queen, The Wild Hunt, The Running Vixen, The Coming of The Wolf, The Leopard Unleashed)

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ISBN: 9789124220327
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Chadwick

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Titles In This Set:
The Summer Queen
The Winter Crown
The Autumn Throne
The Wild Hunt
The Running Vixen
The Coming of the Wolf
The Leopard Unleashed

The Summer Queen:

Eleanor of Aquitaine's story is legendary. She is an icon who has fascinated readers for over eight hundred years. But the real Eleanor remains elusive - until now.

The Winter Crown:
In 1154, Eleanor of Aquitaine, one of the most powerful women in Europe, is crowned queen of England beside her young husband Henry II. While Henry battles their enemies and lays his plans.

The Autumn Throne:
Imprisoned by her husband, King Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England, refuses to let her powerful husband bully her into submission, even as he forces her away from her children and her birthright.

The Wild Hunt:
In the wild, windswept Welsh marches a noble young lord rides homewards, embittered, angry and in danger.He is Guyon, lord of Ledworth, heir to threatened lands, husband-to-be of Judith of Ravenstow.

The Running Vixen:
1126. Heulwen, daughter of Welsh Marcher baron Guyon FitzMiles, has grown up with her father's ward, Adam de Lacey. There has always been a spark between them, but when Heulwen marries elsewhere, to Ralf le Chevalier, a devastated Adam absents himself on various diplomatic missions for King Henry I.

The Coming of the Wolf:
When Ashdyke Manor is attacked, Lady Christen is forced to witness her husband's murder and the pillaging of her lands at the hands of brutal Norman invaders.

The Leopard Unleashed:
Renard, heir to Ravenstow, is a crusader in Antioch, a place far removed from the cold Welsh Marches of his birth. Summoned home to his ailing father, Renard brings Olwen with him, an exotic dancing girl whose sensuous beauty and wild ways have ensnared him.

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