Prince Philip and Elizabeth A Pictorial Tribute (Duke of Edinburgh) Hardback

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ISBN: 9781909242388
FORMAT: Hardback
AUTHOR: Atlantic Publishing

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Queen Elizabeth is the most popular and successful monarch in British history and at her side, since their wedding in 1947, has been her husband, Prince Philip. This portrays the extraordinary life of a remarkable woman, her long and successful marriage to the Duke Of Edinburgh. and the family-much loved by the British nation, the Commonwealth and the world at large. The enormous zeal she sustains for the state and public occasions she attends, the moments of privacy she shares with her family and her ability to make every occasion special for those that meet her in Britain and around the world set her apart s a monarch who combines traditional role of royalty while adapting the needs and expectations of the modern era.

Elizabeth was only twenty-five years old when she pledged her life to the service of her people. This book, beautifully illustrated from the archives of Daily Mail, shows the undoubted fulfilment pledge.

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