Emerald Series (World Of Isadora Moon) 2 Books Collection Set (Emerald and the Ocean Parade & Emerald and the Sea Sprites) By Harriet Muncaster

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Discover enchanting adventures in the World of Isadora Moon with the Emerald Series - 2 captivating books filled with magic, friendship, and wonder! Join Isadora on her extraordinary journeys today.

Emerald and the Ocean Parade
Emerald and the Sea Sprites


Emerald and the Ocean Parade:

Meet Isadora Moon's mermaid friend, Emerald! Emerald is learning how to be a mermaid princess, but she doesn't feel like one at all. She's not very good at waving to crowds and royal headdresses just aren't her thing - her hair is too spiky and wild. Emerald's wriggly pet octopus, Inkibelle, doesn't much like living at the royal palace either. The annual Ocean Parade is coming up. Will Emerald be brave enough to be a mermaid princess but do it her own, special way?

Emerald and the Sea Sprites:
Emerald is learning how to be a mermaid princess, but there are just so many rules! She loves having fun with her friends and exploring her underwater world with her pet octopus, Inkibelle, she doesn't want to be stuck in the palace with everyone looking at her and checking that she's doing things the proper, royal way. When Emerald and her stepsister, Delphina, sneak out of the palace in search of sea sprites they know it isn't strictly 'perfect mermaid princess' behaviour, but they can't resist! Far from Scallop City they discover a glimmering coral reef. And nestled in the reef are three little shimmering sea sprites . . . Emerald and Delphina are about to learn that being a mermaid princess is about more than just following the rules - it's also about following your heart.

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