Emily Winfield Martin Collection 3 Books Set (The Wonderful Things You Will Be , Dream Animals, Day Dreamers)

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FORMAT: Hardback

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Step into the enchanting world of Emily Winfield Martin with this delightful collection featuring three of her beloved books: "The Wonderful Things You Will Be," "Dream Animals," and "Day Dreamers."

Titles in this Set:

The Wonderful Things You Will Be
Dream Animals
Day Dreamers


In "The Wonderful Things You Will Be," embark on a heartwarming journey through lyrical prose and enchanting illustrations that celebrate the endless possibilities of childhood. From the whimsical dreams of little ones to the hopes and aspirations of parents, this book is a tender ode to the extraordinary potential within every child.

"Dream Animals" invites readers to join a magical adventure where imagination knows no bounds. Journey through a realm where fantastical creatures roam, each one lovingly depicted in Martin's signature style. With its dreamy landscapes and endearing characters, this book sparks the imagination and inspires dreams both big and small.

In "Day Dreamers," dive into a world where ordinary moments become extraordinary through the power of imagination. Follow along as children transform their surroundings into fantastical realms, turning the everyday into the extraordinary. With whimsical illustrations and gentle encouragement, this book celebrates the joy of daydreaming and the wonder found in the world around us.

With its charming storytelling and enchanting artwork, the Emily Winfield Martin Collection is a treasure trove of imagination and inspiration for readers of all ages. Whether you're exploring the boundless dreams of childhood, embarking on magical adventures with dream animals, or revelling in the wonder of daydreams, this collection is sure to captivate hearts and minds alike.

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