Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About The World - And Why Things Are Better By Hans Rosling

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In "Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About The World – And Why Things Are Better," renowned statistician Hans Rosling challenges common misconceptions about the state of the world with data-driven insights and thought-provoking analysis.

Drawing on decades of experience as a public health expert and researcher, Rosling dismantles myths and misconceptions about global trends, revealing a more nuanced and optimistic picture of human progress. Through a series of compelling anecdotes, vivid illustrations, and compelling statistics, he demonstrates that despite the prevailing narrative of doom and gloom, the world is actually becoming a better place in many ways.

From declining rates of poverty and disease to improvements in education and access to clean water, Rosling presents a compelling case for optimism based on hard evidence and rigorous analysis. He identifies ten common instincts that lead us to misunderstand the world around us, from the tendency to focus on negative news to our propensity for linear thinking in a world of complex systems.

With its accessible writing style and engaging storytelling, "Factfulness" challenges readers to question their assumptions and embrace a more fact-based worldview. It offers valuable insights into how our perceptions shape our understanding of the world and how we can develop a more accurate and informed perspective.

Whether you're a sceptic or a true believer in the power of human progress, "Factfulness" is sure to challenge your assumptions and inspire you to see the world in a new light. It's a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of global trends and the forces shaping our collective future.

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