Fighting Fantasy 5 books set 11 to 15 (Gates, Assassins, Caverns, Return to Firetop, Crystal of Storms)

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Titles In This Set:
The Gates of Death
The Caverns of the Snow Witch
Assassins of Allansia
Return to Firetop Mountain
Crystal of Storms

The Gates of Death

Are YOU brave enough to face the all-powerful queen of Chaos, growing ever more monstrous behind the Gates of Death?
A terrible plague has devastated Allansia, striking its people down with a sickness that turns them into hideous, demonic monsters. You must travel to the Invisible City with a smoke-oil antidote, but the way is full of peril and predators at every turn — you can trust no one, for the demon curse may already be upon them...

The Caverns of the Snow Witch

Are YOU brave enough to enter the lair of the evil Snow Witch?
Deep within the bone-chilling Icefinger Mountains lurks an evil sorceress plotting to freeze Allansia. She is well guarded by an array of cold-hearted monsters — you must
battle yetis, frost giants and snow wolves before you can hope to defeat her.

Assassins of Allansia
Are YOU tough enough to survive attacks by Allansia's most dangerous and deadly
After accepting a challenge to survive on Snake Island, a nightmare unfolds when a bounty is placed on your head. Beware the ruthless assassins hellbent on hunting you down but who are they?

Return to Firetop Mountain
Are YOU brave enough to face the monster-ridden labyrinth within Firetop Mountain?
The evil warlock Zagor has returned from the dead, with revenge his ultimate aim. Have you got what it takes to track him down, defeating terrifying monsters and battling dark magic on your way?

Crystal of Storms
Are YOU brave enough to explore the Ocean of Termpests, on the hunt for the floating isle of Nirnbus which suddenly crashed down out of the sky?
There will be storrns and sea beasts to battle in your mission to raise Nimbus from the deep... hunted by demonic harpies, rabid rats and even a Great White Squark, you'll need every ounce of courage and quick wits to survive.

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