Flowchart Explorers Earth Science STEM 6 Books Set (Landforms, Natural Resources, Pollution, Rock Cycle, Water Cycle, Weather)

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Embark on a scientific journey with the "Flowchart Explorers Earth Science STEM" 6-book set! Explore topics such as landforms, natural resources, pollution, the rock cycle, water cycle, and weather in engaging geography and science books.

Titles In This Set:
Natural Resources
Rock Cycle
Water Cycle


Dive into the diverse landscapes of Earth and learn about the formation of landforms such as mountains, valleys, and plains. Explore the forces of erosion, tectonic activity, and weathering that shape the Earth's surface.

Natural Resources
Explore the wealth of resources that Earth provides, from minerals and fuels to renewable sources like sunlight and water. Learn about the importance of sustainability and responsible management of natural resources for future generations.

Investigate the various forms of pollution that impact our planet, from air and water pollution to waste and noise pollution. Discover the causes, effects, and solutions to environmental degradation, and the importance of conservation efforts.

Rock Cycle
Journey through the geological processes that form and transform rocks over time. Explore the three main rock types—igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic—and the cyclical nature of their formation through processes like erosion, deposition, and heat and pressure.

Water Cycle
Follow the journey of water as it circulates between the Earth's surface, atmosphere, and underground reservoirs. Learn about evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and other key processes that drive the water cycle and sustain life on our planet.

Step into the dynamic world of weather and meteorology. Explore the factors that influence weather patterns, from temperature and humidity to air pressure and wind, and learn how to interpret weather maps, forecasts, and phenomena like storms and fronts.

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