Football Superstars 12 Books Collection Rules Mega Pack Set By Simon Mugford & Dan Green(Fact,Stories & Starts)(Rolando, Neymar, Messi, Kane, Mbappé, Rashford, Haaland, Salah, De Bruyne & More)

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The "Football Superstars 12 Books Collection Rules Mega Pack Set" by Simon Mugford and Dan Green is an exciting and comprehensive series that brings the world of football (soccer) to life for young readers. This collection features a diverse range of books covering facts, stories, and profiles of some of the most iconic and talented football players in the world, including names like Rolando, Neymar, Messi, Kane, Mbappé, Rashford, Haaland, Salah, De Bruyne, and many more.

The books in this collection offer a perfect blend of engaging storytelling, informative facts, and captivating illustrations that make learning about the sport and its superstar athletes both enjoyable and educational. Readers will gain insights into the rules of the game, the history of football, and the incredible journeys of their favorite players.

From thrilling tales of legendary football matches to in-depth profiles of the sport's greatest players, this collection has something for every football enthusiast. It not only celebrates the skill and dedication of these superstars but also provides a deeper understanding of the strategies, tactics, and teamwork involved in the world's most popular sport.

Whether you're a budding football player or a fan of the game, the "Football Superstars 12 Books Collection Rules Mega Pack Set" is a fantastic resource that offers a wealth of information, inspiration, and entertainment. It's a must-have for young readers looking to explore the exciting world of football and the incredible stories of the athletes who have left their mark on the sport.

Titles in this Set

Rolando Rules
Neymar Rules
Messi Rules
Kane Rules
Mbappé Rules
Rashford Rules
Haaland Rules
Salah Rules
De Bruyne Rules
Grealish Rules
Saka Rules
Van Dijk Rules

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