Fox Cub Confident Graded Readers 18 Book Set Collection: Level 3 - Reading On My Own

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These captivating stories are designed specifically for confident readers who have developed the ability to read complete sentences on their own. With engaging narratives and age-appropriate content, these stories offer an opportunity for independent reading and comprehension. By engaging with these stories, readers can further enhance their reading skills, expand their vocabulary, and gain a deeper connection with literature. These stories provide a platform for confident readers to explore new worlds, ignite their imagination, and develop a lifelong love for reading.

Titles in this Set:

Milly and Mom' Beach Clean up
A Postcard from Africa 
Mimi's New Year Eve
Saving Mr Tree 
Fun with Waste 
Who stole the Cupcakes?
The Tree Warriors 
The Trap Trick 
Saving Mrs Lion
The Big Rescue 
The Great Escape 
Milly Monkey is Lost 
Let's go digging 
The Missing School Bell
Where is Pearl?
The Picnic Mystery
The Weird, Whistling Sound 
The Mysterious Box 

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